The story is inspired by the Youth Movement that launched the Dakota Access Pipeline Protests and the formation of the Water Protectors. We strive to honor and respect the humanity of their stories and identities.


RUNNING SHADOW is a short, original fiction film to be shot in March 2018.  The film is in fulfillment of the Master of Fine Arts degree at the American Film Institute Conservatory for our team of 6 filmmakers.


Our characters hail from the Sioux Lakota traditions and the film incorporates their reality about life on the Reservation and their search for hope and purpose.


We seek to bring awareness to the epidemic of teen suicide in Native American communities by bringing the film to audiences across North America and around the world through screenings at festivals, in educational settings and to community groups.


We are committed to representing the stories of the Lakota people and their culture with total respect and deference.  We approach this film as allies to the Native American communities, being fully mindful to avoid cultural appropriation, tokenism or any other form of exploitation.  We strive to bring more Native American talent to the screen, both in front of and behind the camera, so that they too have representation in our filmmaking community.  We believe that film should be an inclusive art, and to this end, we are dedicating our craft and talents.